Creation of an Information Sharing Environment (EIC in Spanish) for scientific and research activities in the field of Perinatal and Child Health, Psychology and Psychopathology, Education and other areas that help foster the health of children and their families.

The following is gathered:

1 - Research and articles published in Spanish in Spain and Latin America.

2 - Research and articles published in other languages in Europe and other countries. (Being planned).


This initiative from ASMI WAIMH Spain, in collaboration with the Institute of History of Medicine and Science (CSIC-UV) and the Master's in Perinatal and Infant Psychology and Psychopathology at the University of Valencia - ASMI WAIMH Spain, aims to promote access to both public and private research results in the field of health, education, psychology and perinatal and infant psychopathology as well as other fields of knowledge that result in benefits in terms of perinatal, infant and parental mental health.

The main aim is to promote research through an "Information Sharing Environment" (EIC in Spanish) to facilitate an exchange of knowledge provided by different disciplines and authors, using the multiplicity of disciplines as a channel for developing inter-disciplinary research in the field of perinatal and infant health and psychopathology.

Having updated knowledge about the research produced in the field of the early stages of life is a priority in fostering the vocation and effectiveness of this field. With this aim in mind, ASMI WAIMH Spain invites a wide range of professionals, public and private universities, foundations and associations to join its initiative to develop an updated, shared and dynamic registry involving these three concepts: Archival pool, intercommunication and meetings.

Database archive pool.

  1. Mainly identifying researchers in the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis, Education, Neuroscience, Early Care, Nursing, Medicine (Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Neonatology, Obstetrics-Gynaecology, Neuropaediatrics, Rehabilitation, Explorations etc.), Social Work, Anthropology, Psychomotor Ability, Speech Therapy, Arts, Biology, Physiotherapy and all branches of knowledge that provide relevant knowledge to promote child and parental mental health as of gestation.
  1. Creating a documentary pool about significant research containing complete references to the work published with the electronic address of the authors when they provide it.

This specialized database aims to stimulate interpersonal / inter-institutional research collaboration with individuals, groups or institutions who wish, by mutual agreement, to have flexible, generous cooperation in exchanging scientific information.

This documentary pool is accessible free of charge to the public who are interested in its information via the ASMI WAIMH Spain website.


  1. Promoting interdisciplinary communication between persons, groups and research institutions.
  1. Promoting intercommunication between the different social sectors involved in research: universities, hospitals, schools, private institutions, associations etc.


  1. Promoting international meetings among researchers from all fields, holding a biannual seminar on research.
  1. Promoting the participation of Spanish and Spanish-speaking researchers in international forums: ASMI WAIMH Spain, WAIMH (World Association of Infant Mental Health), AEPEA (Association Européenne de Psychopathologie de l´Enfant et l´Adolescent), etc.

Rules for participating in the Information Sharing Environment (EIC) for research.

The extent and nature of participation by each of the professionals or institutions that make up the EIC shall be clearly explained on the ASMI WAIMH Spain website, as well as the possible publications resulting from this archival pool.

The public or private entities and professionals involved in updating the database's scientific information do so within the context of cooperation agreement that ASMI WAIMH Spain will make available to them.

ASMI WAIMH Spain reserves the right to select the information provided in order to preserve the quality of the scientific documentation and respect for the fundamental principles of bioethics.

If interested, please contact:

Launched in 2009, this ASMI WAIMH Spain database was opened to the public in March, 2013.

Pascual Palau Subiela
President of ASMI WAIMH, Spain

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