Database fields:

Authors. Natural or juridical persons signing the document
Title. Word or short phrase used to refer to the name or subject of the document
Magazine. Identification of the periodical publication containing the original text of the document refererred to
ISBN. International number that uniquely identifies each book
ISSN. International number that uniquely identifies each journal
Type of document. Indicates the type of document (book, journal or magazine article, other documents, etc.)
Descriptors. Key words that express fundamental concepts dealt with in the document. These may be single or compound terms
Chronology. Historical period referred to by the document
Year of publication. Date the work was published

Types of search

There are different types of search:

- Simple search: this is the default type that appears when you access the database. It allows you to make simple, easy searches. You only have to type the search terms with no need to use operators.

-Search by fields: this lets us make more precice, assisted searches restricted to specific fields, or combine different fields.

-Search by indices: this lets us see the indices corresponding to some fields and to search directly via them. It is useful for knowing vocabulary and making a precise search.

Boolean operators

These are used when we want to get documents with two or more search criteria. We have to combine these searches, which gives rise to what is known as a search strategy. This can be via a field search.

Advanced search commands.

Child Health This finds entries containing at least one of the words
+Child +Health This finds entries that contain both words
+Child -Health This finds entries containing "Health" but not "Child"
Child* This finds entries containing "Child" and/or "Children"
"Child Mental Health" This finds entries containing exactly "Children's Mental Health", but not those containing "Mental Health"

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